Placing An Order

Place an order in 4 steps

Step 1:

Search your desired item(s) or material(s) in our various product groups. To order a product you need to specify how many pieces you want . The product and the number is then added to your basket. You can see if an item is in stock or not. The shop is not constantly updated so that a difference in the actual stock is possible.

What happens if you order an item that is not in stock? We order this item and send it to you, eventually separately, without charging extra expenses. The shopping cart is a part of our shop where you can view your desired/selected items.

When you have products that you want to buy please check your shopping cart. Our system holds the items for a period in the shopping cart.

Step 2:

Summary of your order: all the products and the number of pieces you wish to purchase can be found here. Likewise, a calculation is made of the administration, handling and shipping costs resulting immediately in the total amount of your order.

The standard shipping is in Belgium but you can you simply change this (Netherlands, France, Canada, USA etc…). You can choose between a standard shipment or a “track and trace” shipment. The total shipping price will be adjusted automatically.

You can still remove items from the list, but you can also continue shopping and add more products on your order or you can click the “continue” button to confirm your order.

Step 3:

Enter your personal details and delivery address. All fields marked with a red asterix, should be completed. Also fill in the “ Authentication” field and use the ”continue” button to confirm.

You can still CANCEL your order here.

Step 4:


With PayPal payments your order is trusted and secured. You can choose paying with Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Maestro by clicking the “pay by credit card” button. Choose your card “logo” and fill in the necessary information and confirm. After +/- 15 seconds your order number appears.

The order confirmation will be sent to you almost immediately.


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